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会议通知 | 第八届水资源与环境研究国际会议(ICWRER 2019)
2018-08-04 18:27     (点击:)

Welcome to ICWRER 2019

The 8thInternational Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research

June 14thto 17th, Hohai University, Nanjing, China


It's our distinct pleasure to invite you to join us for the 8th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research (ICWRER 2019) which will take place at Hohai Univeristy in Nanjing, China, from June 14thto 17th, 2019. Hohai University, one of China’s leading universities in water and the environment, is located in beautiful Nanjing, one of China’s ancient walled capital cities, situated along the mighty Yangtze River.

ICWRER 2019 provides an independent global platform for researchers and practitioners having multidisciplinary interests to present and discuss their latest theoretical and practical research advances in solving complex issues. Professionals from around the world who will participate in this highly interactive and informative event include hydrologists, water managers, hydraulic engineers, students, ecologists, professors, consultants, government officials, environmental engineers, climatologists, urban planners, and many others. The stimulating and friendly environment within a welcoming venue at ICWRER 2019 will promote a rich exchange of ideas among participants who will subsequently be in a position to play proactive roles in enhancing society.

The main theme of ICWRER 2019 is Hydro-Ecology and Green Development. The conference will address a challenging range of important topics related to water resources and environment research such as:

·Hydro-Ecology and Aquatic Environment Protection

·Water Economy Management and Green Development

·Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources

·Surface and Groundwater Pollution Control

·Effective Development and Utilization of Water Resources

·Development and Operations of Hydraulic Projects

·Prevention of and Recovery from Water Disasters

·Fair Water Allocation

·Water Conflict and Decision Making

·Inter-basin Water Transfer

·Aquatic Environmental Risk Management

·Smart Water Service

·Institutional Innovation in River and Lake Management

·Health Assessment and Management of Rivers and Lakes

To maximize global impacts of the original contributions made by the participants, various dissemination outlets will be utilized. Conference proceedings will be published. Selected papers will be considered for publication inWater Science and EngineeringorSustainabilityorInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.Best Paper Awardswill be presented at the conference dinner.

We cordially invite you to contribute your submissions to ICWRER 2019.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to Nanjing in June 2019.

 第八届水源与境研究国际会议(ICWRER 2019)将于2019年6月14至18号于河海大学举行。们诚挚您的参与。河海大学是国内研究水和问题最好的大学之一,学校位于美六朝古都:南京。ICWRER2019将提供一个独立的全球性平台供不同多学科趣的学者和从者展示和讨论最新的研究成果。届,包括水文学家,水源管理者,水利工程,生学家,学生,教授,咨询顾问,政府要境工程,气候学家,城镇规划者等等在内的全球的各专业人士将聚一堂,共襄盛会。
















   为扩大参会者的工作的全球影响力,本次会议将设有多种出版物,包括会议论文集。秀会议论文将会被推荐到以下期刊表:Water Science and EngineeringSustainabilityInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health议还出最佳奖,获奖名单将在会议晚宴公布。

   我们诚挚的邀您投稿至ICWRER 2019。



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